Not every romance is a fantasy, but ours are!

“What about that one?” Hue pointed at a linen shirt with large billowy sleeves.

“My dad would totally never dress like a pirate. He lives in the Human realm with companies like Gap and Brooks Brothers,” I informed him.

“I’ve seen Humans in this realm dressed like this.”

“Yes – actors, history peeps, restaurant workers, and costumed weekenders. My dad isn’t any of those things.”

Hue huffed a big sigh. “Well I think they look nice,” he mumbled under his breath. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Hue clicked on another Amazon listing. Up popped a pair of knee high riding boots. “What about these?” Hue asked.

“Really?” My tone was far flatter than I had planned it to be. He offered me a shrug. “Are these things YOU want or things you think my father would like?”

He thought about it for a moment. “I think they are good presents for any man, but yes, I do like them.”

I smiled. “Ok, well then we are getting somewhere. I was thinking of ordering a cheesecake for my dad this Christmas.”

“You mean for Yule,” he corrected.

“No, I mean Christmas.”

“But you’re a Dragon, Dragons celebrate Yule.” There was a sudden flare of panic shooting through him. He looked at me like he was afraid I would run away and never come back. I grabbed his hand and gave it a loving squeeze.

“I grew up in the Human realm, attended church, and celebrated Christmas. This doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate Yule. What if we celebrate both?” I reached for anything that would calm him down.

“You’re right, we should observe both since both are a part of you.” He paused for a moment to consider his words carefully. “Sometimes I get these irrational fears about you like you will one day decide you don’t want to be a Dragon or an Elf anymore and will just turn your back on all of it.”

It made sense. I cupped his cheek with my hand. “Hue, you and I share something greater than our heritage. I can’t just walk away. Yes, this year will be complicated with the whole Ian’s family thing but I’m certainly not giving up on us. Part of why I have agreed to Ian’s family request is because of the proximity of my own family. That, and I want to see Cariss choke on his turkey over dinner.”

He eyed me carefully. “Don’t start another war please.”

“I won’t.” I reached around him and clicked on a dark chocolate peppermint cheesecake. “That’s what I am ordering for my Dad.” Hue turned to look at it. His eyes widened and turned round.

“Can we order six?” he asked softly.

“Why? Dad only needs one. He is already complaining about getting soft around the middle in his old age.”

Hue snorted. “Old age indeed. I have boots older than your Dad. No, I want to send one to my parents and four to the nest for Yule. They look decadent.”

“What if we ordered four different flavors for the nest? That way people could try different things.” He nodded his approval. Half an hour later one cake was on its way to New England, one to Australia, and four (Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Raspberry, Pumpkin, and Pomegranate) were headed for New York where they would then be shipped to the North Pole.

“Let’s order cookies for your mom next.” I laughed and closed the laptop.

“No, I hand make those.”

“Really?!? Are they good? I mean I love and adore Lady Jura, but she can’t cook.” He winced as a memory flitted past.

Trying not to laugh I nodded. “My Human mother is an AMAZING cook. Since she was the one who taught me, you and everyone else will enjoy them and live to see another day.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank the goddess of the hearth.”


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“Oliver, slow down!” My words seemed to be swallowed up by the cold wind. I brushed past hundreds of shoppers in Seoul’s busy shopping mecca of Myeong-dong. Christmas as a concept was fairly new to Korea, but with each passing year the country seemed to take on more of the Western stance on holiday shopping. People rushed around with their arms loaded down with brightly colored bags from popular stores. The night was alive with festive blinking lights and my Vampire beau was lightyears ahead of me. Taking a deep breath, I chased after him, hoping he would realize I wasn’t behind him.

When I caught up he stood slack jawed in front of a brightly lit lingerie boutique. The mannequins modeled skimpy outfits of red velvet, white fur and gold sequins. Oliver wasn’t alone. Half a dozen guys stood with the same glow of holiday delight children get in front of a candy store. I tugged on his hand, hoping to move him away and back on path towards our other stops. Instead I was dragged into the store while he giggled with an almost evil glee. His only words were, “We need to go in here.”

Once inside I found a large velvet chair I settled into while he loaded his arms full of what I can only describe as glittering velvet dental floss. Every so often he would look in my direction with a large grin and wag his eyebrows at me. The shop workers would giggle amongst themselves at each encounter. As his pile grew so did the shade of red I was turning. Finally I caught his attention. “Oliver, what are you doing?”

“Christmas shopping,” he replied too matter-of-factly.

“For whom?”

“You, of course,” he responded, looking at a corset to my left. As he reached for it I rolled me eyes and he noticed. “Don’t you think it’s pretty?”

“Yes, it is pretty, but it’s not practical. None of this stuff is practical.” I crossed my arms over my chest to emphasize my point.

“Why does pretty have to be practical?”

“It doesn’t, but why buy something if I’m never going to use it?” I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to get through to him on this. Each sparkle seemed to draw his attention away from the conversation.

“You can wear them at home with me,” he offered, hoping it would sell me on the idea.

“Buy one. I don’t need a closet full of things I can only wear for fifteen minutes when you’re around. For the record, these are not for me, they are for you.”

His brows knit together. “Five, I will narrow it down to five.”

“Three,” I argued back. Finally he sighed, rolled his eyes, and turned back to the pile, trying to decide on three. I laughed as he had each of the items wrapped and addressed from me to him before sliding them into a shopping bag. “How are they gifts to you, if you paid for them?”

He took my hand and led me out of the store. “Well, we share everything, so I’ll just say we are sharing my credit card.”

“The credit card you pay for each month?” I asked skeptically. With a giggle I teased, “Wanna share it on my Amazon Kindle account?”

He didn’t laugh. Instead he shrugged. “Sure, I’ll give you the info when we get home.”

I stopped dead in the street, tugging him to a stop. “Do you know how dangerous that is? You don’t know what you’re saying. I’m a book junkie.”

He tugged me against his chest then lowered his lips to mine. The kiss tickled as he fought back his laughter. When he lifted his head his eyes twinkled. “I live for danger.”

“You must if you dragged me into that lingerie store,” I muttered under my breath.

Young stood in the entrance of the cave that would lead him to his brother. The last few years of training had proven annoying and now that his life finally had direction Young was ready to explain to his brother why he was destined to be a bard. With a deep breath he adjusted his bags one last time and slid through the opening at the back of the cave and down the large stone steps.

The kitchen glowed with the soft light of early morning lanterns. Smells of fresh bread and warm soups greeted him. A tall figure stood in the corner with her hands wrapped around a mug protectively. The corners of Young’s mouth turned up as he recognized the statuesque lines of Lady Jura sipping her morning tea. The Dragon elder had joined the nest a little over thirty years before, after having lived in captivity within the Human realm. Vallen had sent numerous letters telling him of the adventures that Lady Jura’s daughter had brought with her return and was excited to meet the prodigal daughter.

“Young?” a soft voice said to his left. He turned just in time to be bombarded by three sets of hands as the maids took hold of him. He was quickly forced onto a stool where he was poked, prodded and fed by three young ladies. He tried to greet each of them between bites of food shoved into his mouth and hugs. Nothing was quite like being a long-gone Dragon Lord returned home. With his title and looks the maids had always flocked to him – and his brother.

Nervously he smiled at the three young ladies. “It’s good to see all of you. Is my brother home?”

After an hour of giggles, blushes and stammering Young freed himself from their clutches with a full belly and a spring in his step. He wasn’t surprised when he found his brother awake before most others, sitting by the fire with a book in his lap. Without a word he sank into the chair beside Vallen and just watched the flames dance.

“Welcome home little brother.” Vallen didn’t look up from his book though his mouth did turn up in a smile.

“It’s good to be home,” Young said, glancing in the direction of the kitchen maids.

“I trust your welcome was warm then?” The mirth written on his brother’s face told Young all he needed to know.

“It was.” Young took a look around, noticing the lack of decor for the season. “Have we stopped decorating for the season?”

Vallen sighed, finally marking his place with a blue ribbon and closing the book before looking up to meet his brother’s gaze. “We have been busier than usual. The lantern was damaged by the Whelps and was made worse when it was hidden. It has been found and is being prepared, but I guess we are running a little behind these days. Lord Hudraer is at the Pole fulfilling his yearly obligations. There was a short time where we were at war with the Werewolves because of Lady Alizeyah…” He paused and let out a slow sigh. “Things have been turned on their ear this year.”

“Lady Alizeyah?” Young clicked the words into place. “Lady Jura’s daughter? How could she possibly have started a war?”

“She was being courted by a Werewolf Chieftain’s heir and is most likely Hudraer’s Mate.” Vallen shook his head. “Boys will be boys,” he offered.

Young laughed. It was hard to picture Hudraer fighting with anyone over a woman. Geren, absolutely, but Vallen and Hudraer were cut from the same cloth and rarely looked up from their work or studies to notice a member of the opposite sex. When they did it was for a passionate night or a short-lived fling. Young always felt a certain sympathy for his brother and sometimes even Hudraer, because they didn’t understand how wonderful love could truly  be. Yes, though he was tender in years, Young understood (or at least believed he understood) love.

Young wanted love. Real love that would make him want to do crazy things. He didn’t want to live for hundreds of years with little regard for his feelings. He had heard stories that once Vallen had been just like him, but it was hard to believe that such days ever existed. Vallen was a pillar of logic, strength, and calm for the clans. He had upon rare occasion seen his brother with his friends and caught a glimpse of a Dragon who embraced fun, but normally Vallen was all business, all the time. He narrowed his eyes on his brother once again. “So tell me all about Lady Alizeyah. Does she cause you, Hue and Geren to practice breathing exercises for restraint? Is she hot headed? Lady Jura is very emotional – is Lady Alizeyah the same? Does she plan to challenge Hue for his title since she has claim to it? Details man, details! You’ve had me locked away for a long time with only your letters to keep me company.”

Vallen rolled his eyes. “She is young and impulsive but she is also thoughtful, a fierce warrior, and an even fiercer Tempest. She does tend to lead with her heart, which causes all of us to grimace, but that will temper with experience and mellow with age.”

“You do know you are talking about a woman and not a wine or cheese, right?”

Vallen shook his head again. “The wine or cheese would behave better and make less noise. She is Hue’s problem though. He gets the Tempest Halfling for a Soul Mate.”

“Soul Mate? Are you sure?” Young’s voice resonated with the sound of disbelief.

“I’m fairly certain, but both of them are stubborn so it may take a while for them to figure it all out. Heavens help us when they do. I’ll be glad that their chamber is at the far end of the nest.” The older brother seemed restless the more he talked about his friend finding his Soul Mate. Dragons rarely were given such a gift, so a Soul Mate within the clans only helped to strengthen Hudraer’s claim to power… or Alizeyah’s, if she ever decided to act on them.

“I know he’s your friend, but do you believe he can lead?” Young’s entire tone had changed.

“With her at his side, yes, I think he could. She tempers his darkness. As fierce as she is on the battlefield, she takes no joy in it.”

“But can she lead?”

Vallen stood and walked over to the fireplace watching the flames dance. Concentration weighed on his features. When he finally turned to face his younger brother they locked gazes in a powerful bond that spoke with more than words. “I have no doubts in my mind in her ability. The Werewolf heir swore fealty to her after his defeat, as has his mate. She has a Pixie, a Vampire, and a Dark Elf Elder all with in her inner circle, and even the Queen Mab’s familiar recognizes her. She defeated the High Priestess Avrae with no training while looking for her mother. She without question embraced our laws and traditions. Yes, she absolutely CAN lead us, but the question is, will she choose to? She’s not hungry for it.”

Young stood, nodding. “Then she is both a curse and blessing.” He closed the distance between them and embraced him. “It’s good to be home. I look forward to meeting all the newcomers to the nest.”


The weekend was quiet for the most part. Hue, Ian, Briar and myself found a calm routine where we spent our down time together watching movies, consuming warm drinks and helping gift wrap. I would say the days passed without anything to mark the time except for a phone call.

Saturday night Ian received a call from his cousin Grace. We were all curled up in blankets in Hue and Ian’s room watching “A Muppet Christmas Carol” when it came through. I was very surprised when Ian handed me the phone with a shocked look on his face. “It’s for you, my cousin Grace called for you…”

I accepted the phone, pressing the warm screen to my ear. “Hello?” I asked, unsure what to expect.

“Hello Kat, my name is Grace and I’m Ian’s cousin. I need you to pay close attention and only answer yes or no to my questions. Do you understand?” I pulled the phone away from my ear to study it.

Glancing at Ian I answered, “Yes.”

Grace rattled on about Christmas with the Werewolves in Boston. She seemed unaware that we were no longer an item but I agreed to help get Ian home for the Holidays. Going back to the Northeast wouldn’t be an issue for me as my folks were there too. Considering the recent steps I had taken with Hue I knew it was time to take him home to meet the Human family. With little prodding on her part I agreed to help make sure Ian went to see the clan.

I hit the end call button and handed the phone back to Ian. “So what was all that about?” he asked.

“Oh, not much. It would seem we have Holiday plans. That’s all.” I shrugged in hopes it would lessen his obvious discomfort.

Hue leaned close to my ear. As he spoke the vibrations and heat of his breath on my newly acquired erogenous zone had a dizzying affect. “Are you really sure  you’re ready to take me home to face them in person? Video chat was a HUGE step.” I nodded, unable to speak. Images flickered through my head of all the naughty things I wanted to do to him at that moment. There was a soft chuckle from him but he said nothing else.

Ian eyed us closely with a quirked brow. “Sometimes I think the two of you exist in a different world than the rest of us.”

“Perhaps we do,” Hue answered, pulling me back to lean against his shoulder.

Monday came all too soon. The heavy pounding on my door alerted me to some sort of shenanigans underway. Wiping the sleep from my eyes I rolled out of bed, tucking my robe around me. When I blinked away the morning blur and threw open the door I was surprised to see a short, annoyed looking Briar. “Good morning…” I mumbled in her direction.

“They left without us for breakfast!” Her lower lip quivered and large crocodile tears filled her eyes.

“Whoa… it’s early still. Maybe something just came up?” I offered a half-hearted, half-asleep excuse. When the tears overflowed I rolled my eyes and stepped back inside my room, motioning for her to follow. “Well, at least we know you’re really pregnant this time,” I muttered to myself.

Glancing at the clock I noted it was only six AM. I normally wouldn’t wake up for another two hours. I stared longingly at my bed but went to the fireplace where I knelt to add some logs and build up a flame. “Aren’t you concerned about them leaving us?” Briar’s voice was weak and made her seem fragile – a description I had never once thought to apply to her.

“If they were in trouble I would know.” I shrugged, leaning in to blow on the flame and fan it to life.

She sniffled behind me. “How can you be so sure?”

I stared at the flames. “Hue and I are linked. We can feel and hear each other.”

She paused. “So you fought over Ian and have a Soul Mate. I can’t decide if you are selfish or brilliant.”

I shrugged. “Briar, I’m thirty two. By the standards of either of our peoples I’m barely more than a teenager. Think back to when you were my age.”

She sighed. “You are so powerful and so much more worldly then most Otherworlders your age. It’s easy to forget you don’t have a couple hundred years under your belt. I was a handful at your age too.” Her sobs were gone. “Lady Dragon, I have sworn myself to you, and now more than ever I understand what sort of fulltime job that will be.”

I grinned before turning to face her. “Great, so I was thinking of going back to bed for a few hours more, BUT if you are hungry I will walk over to the cafeteria and fetch us some food to eat here in the room.”

As if on cue her stomach growled loudly, filling the air with its opinion. I looked pointedly at it before meeting her eyes. “Let me find my bunny slippers.”

Hue arrived back early yesterday evening. It would seem the OAC became involved in finding the artifact. (Want the full story on how? Click here!)

He mentioned something in passing about a Holiday Spirit but I was honestly too distracted by his return to care. All that mattered was the holiday was saved and Hudraer was back. “And then she located an artisan in a nearby village to repair the lantern…” I squeezed a little tighter. “You’re not even listening to me, are you?”

“Huh?” I looked up at him and blinked innocently.

Hue rolled his eyes and offered me a devilish grin. “Is this what I get for being gone two nights in a row? Am I to be punished by having all circulation in my legs cut off?” His teasing did nothing to inspire his release. Finally with my own eye-roll I let go.

“I thought you were going to come back each night. Then you didn’t…” I resisted the urge to pout.

Chuckling he said, “Yes, but those rather scandalous thoughts you shared last night were almost my undoing. They came at a rather inopportune time. I’m not sure I like that you have figured out how to use this telepathic bond to your advantage so quickly. Even when I tried to ignore you, I couldn’t.”

I grinned. “Really, so all those thoughts… Let me guess, you were eating dinner?”

“Yes, and that brings me to the other thing I wanted to discuss. We have seven other Dragon lords from other nests coming to the Yule celebration. Their clans were originally part of our nest, and were here when the lantern tradition began. It’s not uncommon for more of them to show up as we get closer to the holiday. I think it may be better if you avoid the nest from now until after Yule.” I considered his words carefully.

“Why? Other Dragon lords don’t frighten me.” I shrugged, collapsing back into the chair behind me.

“Yes, but they do frighten me where you are concerned.” I motioned for him to continue. “You are one of the first high-born females that has become available at an age when so many are looking for mates.”

“Are you afraid I may like something else I see?”

“No, I just know it will be bad for clan relations if I have to kill so many of their heirs to get a point across.” His tone even sounded dangerous.

“You know I can handle myself?” I reached out and took his hand, lacing my fingers though his.

“Yes, but I am not known for my mercy when it comes to what is mine. You know what they say about a Dragon and his treasures?” He tugged on my hand, pulling me to my feet. He tucked my arm behind my back where he still held my hand and pressed my body against his. “Make no mistake, if I would decimate armies for what is in my vault, I would scorch a realm to ash and cinders to keep you.”

“So I am a possession?” I bit my lip, processing that information.

He shook his head slowly. “No, you are my heart. You are the very reason I continue to draw breath and exist each day. That pain you feel inside of you when we are apart is your very soul calling to mine because I am the same to you.”

His words rocked me to my core, leaving me breathless. All I could do was bite my lip again and process the profound level with which his words had stunned me. When I finally felt like I could offer a coherent thought I opened my mouth to speak. “Then why not claim me as yours? I would gladly support that claim.”

“There are rules in Dragon society. When I declare you are mine, even as a Soul Mate, any member of a recognized clan can step forward and make a challenge for you.” He paused. “Actually it goes both ways. Someone could potentially challenge you for me.” He shrugged. “As I said, I don’t feel like killing a bunch of clan heirs. You are a high born and a Tempest. That makes you a special rarity.”

I pulled my hand free from where he held it behind my back. Reaching up I started to undo the lacing on his shirt. He stared at me in question. I undid the buttons on his vest and slid it off his shoulders, pulling it free, then dropping it to the floor beside me. With a firm tug I pulled his shirt free of his snug-fitting breeches and slid my hands under the light, airy fabric. He sucked in a deep deliberate breath as I ran my hands up over his stomach, across his chest, and settled them on his shoulders. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” he asked, quirking a brow.

“Undressing you.” A sly smile parted my lips as I urged the shirt off over his head and pulled it free from his arms. Defiantly I tossed it to the floor.

“And you think that wise?” he asked, trying to ignore my hands as they caressed his chest. I nodded and reached for the ties on the front of his breeches but his hand captured both of mine. “Alizeyah, as entertaining as all this is, I am doing my best to be a gentleman here.”

I leaned up on my tiptoes, not tall enough to meet his lips unless he obliged. I tried to pull my hands free but he held them firmly in place. “Just because you are a gentleman doesn’t mean I have to be a lady.”

“And what is it you think is going to happen if I let you go?”

“I’m going to strip you down, seduce you, make you plead with me, then enjoy a passion-filled night with you.” His jaw dropped open.

“I have met my fair share of brazen women, but I never pictured you as being that direct.” He let go of my hands and took a step back. “That doesn’t work for me,” he said, shaking his head.

“Really?” I asked flatly. He walked to the door and seemed to inspect it closely. “Is this because you think we should wait until after all the Dragon lords leave?”

“No.” He leaned down and pulled his boots off before turning back to face me. “I was just merely disagreeing with your plan. I have every intention of seducing you, pleasuring you, and making you plead for me to take you… and I will gladly claim you as mine in our night of passion.” He walked up to stand before me. “For what it is worth, I do still think we should wait until after the holidays, but if you are this hellbent on binding, I would be a fool not to make you mine.”

“The ritual won’t be completed until an actual ceremony and branding are performed.” I grinned. “I’ve been reading while you were gone.”

Resting a hand on his hip he considered me. “You’re only half Elven. The binding ceremony is a blood ritual. We have already completed that step. That’s why the distance is so painful. Your soul knows we’re supposed to be connected now.”

I shrugged. “I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”

Hue extended a hand to me, letting it hang in the air with expectation. I stared at it for a moment then slid my own into it. With a gentle tug he pulled me close, cupping my cheek in his other palm and lowering his mouth to mine. His eyes were hooded and his features soft but his kiss was anything but. He slid his tongue over my lower lip, teasing its sensitive skin and causing a small ticklish ripple to run through me. Pushing past my trembling lips he laid siege to my mouth, demanding entry, drinking me in hungrily.

I released his hand so that I could slide both of mine along his chest, around his neck, and draw him closer… deeper. Taking full advantage of his newly freed arm he captured me at the hip, pressing me tightly against him where I would feel his own growing desire. When he finally broke the kiss he stood for a moment staring longingly into my eyes. “Keep your mind open to me, no matter what,” he whispered, stroking my bottom lip with the pad of his thumb.

I nodded, lowering my gaze. I gasped as he swung me up into his arms and cradled me against his chest. No matter how often he did it, it always seemed foreign to me. Something only children and waif-like women enjoyed. His heart beat wildly in his chest as he turned towards the fireplace and chairs. Strolling forward he effortlessly sank down into the highback chair. I started to squirm but he tightened his grip on me until I settled down. When I stilled on his lap, resting a hand on his shoulder to stay balanced, he reached out and unzipped the front of my hooded sweatshirt.

I began to try and pull an arm free but Hue leaned close to my ear. “Not yet,” he said, and I paused. “First I want to introduce you to your Elven ears.”

I leaned back to give him a glare, then remembered what the light caress a week before had done. “My ears?”

“Oh yes, and so much more. Stand up for me please.” Taking his hand I slid off his lap and stood. Pleasure lit his eyes as he slid the hoodie off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor with his vest and shirt. Carefully he undid the buckles on my skirt, folding it neatly when it fell free of my hips. Then with a slow, deliberate motion he stood and pulled my tank up over my head. I stood before him in no more than a few bits of black lace. “Lovely…”

“You’ve seen me in less,” I offered.

“Yes, but this time I am welcome to enjoy it rather than feel like a pervy boy who’s been caught peeping.” Wrapping an arm around my waist he lifted me against him, his own desire pressing hard against my hip. He leaned his head down and captured the top tip of my newly pointed ears between his teeth. With a flick of his tongue my legs turned to jelly and I was forced to cling to him to keep my feet under me. He continued to assault my ears in turn and soon I was rhythmically moving my hips against him in time with sharp gasps. His enjoyment radiated through me and I realized he was sharing as much with me as I was him.

“Oh my god, EARS!” I gasped again.

He withdrew, chuckling. “Elves only let their most trusted lovers touch their ears. I can see why I’ve heard such stories now. You like it?”

Nodding my head in answer I tried to formulate words. “Yes, ears…. good.”

Still smiling he began kissing a path starting at my earlobe, down my neck, across my collar bone, and reaching the edge of my bra. Sinking to his knees before me he pushed my hands away as I tried to fumble with its clasp. “Mine,” he said in a deeply husky possessive voice. At the hands of an expert I felt a familiar pop and he tugged it free, tossing it over his shoulder. Before I could consider his skill, his burning hot mouth closed over a breast and my whole body went numb from over-excitement.

In a far off place I could hear soft moans and heavy panting but it wasn’t until a more aggressive love bite that I snapped back into reality to realize all those sounds of pleasure were my own. His hands pulled at my hips and I steadied myself by clinging to his shoulders. Kissing a trail of fire from my breasts along my stomach I felt my body tighten as he took hold of the last bit of clothing I was wearing and dragged it down my legs. With skillful hands that felt blistering hot, he ran his fingers along my thighs before stopping and making tortuously slow movements towards my womanhood. When finally his fingertips touched upon my heated core I swayed on my feet.

Hue looked up at me with a raging hunger and need and all I could do was hold on. With our shared link I felt every ounce of his excitement and need. His deep desire to make this moment between us last as long as possible. He wanted nothing more than to claim me and at the same time was scared and hopeful I would ask him to stop. His hands clasped my buttocks firmly, urging me to open myself to him more and more. Then without warning he pressed his mouth to me. His hands held me firmly in place as my head rolled back. There was nothing for me to do other than to bury my hands in his hair and forget about the gasps and moans I was making.

His pleasure kept rolling through me and my own over his. A fire began burning deep within my core and I felt dizzy. I thought the pleasure was becoming too overwhelming and tried to plead with him to slow down but there were no words.  Shhhh, mo shíorghrá it’s alright. Let go. His words seemed to caress my frantic mind, trying to retain some shred of control. I came undone and release swept through me, rocking me on my feet, with sensations were so pleasurable I couldn’t make heads or tails of them. He refused to stop pushing me over the edge again and again, forcing me to stay there.

When my legs fully gave out I found myself pleading with Hue. I sank to the floor in his arms. “Please, I need you,” I whispered over and over again.

He brushed the hair back from my face. “Need me to do what?”

His question infuriated me and I struggled to find the words. “I need you to complete me. I need to complete you. Please Hudraer…”

“Are you sure?” he asked concern, showing on his face.

I pulled his mouth to my own while I nodded. “Yes, there is nothing I am more sure of.”

I was reaching, trying to fumble with the ties on his breeches but found they were no longer a barrier between us. In a single motion he me pressed me back down to the floor and lifted my hips. His manhood pressed against me and I wanted nothing more than to feel him deep within me. I bucked against him. “Slow down, shhh, we should take it easy. You’ve never been with a Dragon and there are a few things you should know.” He leaned down kissing a line in the valley of my breasts. “First, Dragons can be a bit well-endowed.” I grinned evilly up at him . “Size queen,” he mumbled. “Second, the orgasm can be outrageously hot. Painfully hot at times.”

I quirked my head to the side. “Like fire?”

“Exactly like fire. You’re a Dragon and have nothing to fear at all, and most Otherworlders don’t either. It won’t actually burn you, but it might be uncomfortable for a blink. Most of us don’t finish within our partners unless they are mates, other Dragons, or at least prepared for it.” He had a look of fear in his eyes, like what he was saying would be the deal-breaker.

“Thank you for telling me.” I pulled him back down into a kiss. Through panting gasps I leaned into his ear. “Anything else?”

He shook his head. With deliberate slowness he pressed into me. If I tried to control the pace he would withdraw. Finally I fell into pace with him, meeting his slow forceful thrusts. Each made me cry out in disappointment when he next didn’t come as fast as I would like. I closed my eyes, focusing on him, and I realized the amount of control he was forcing on himself. Though it was painfully torturous to him, he was going slow for my benefit. I pushed my feelings and needs on him and it was like something broke.

With a sudden torrent of need out of either of our control, he thrust into me fast and hard. Each motion filled me deeper until there was nowhere else for him to go ,and still he pushed deeper. My gasps had turned to quiet shrieks as I tried to stifle them in hopes of not alerting the entire building. I ran my nails down his back, feeling them tear at his taunt flesh, causing him to throw back his head, gasping. I felt myself on the verge, growing hotter, climbing higher, then teetering on the edge. “Oh god Hue… !” He tugged my hands free from his back and pinned them over my head. He then captured my mouth with his, swallowing down my scream as I finally tumbled over the edge. My muscles screamed with me, happily tightening around him, and he responded in kind with more force and speed until I was gasping and screaming against his kiss ready to fall again, and this time when I did he joined me and we cried into each other. A searing heat ran through me, making me feel alight and alive.

Almost collapsing on top of me he pulled me against him, tangling out legs, refusing to withdraw and lying naked by the fire. I rested my head against his shoulder. Gently he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. Smiling, he traced the curve of my jaw. “Thank you,” he whispered.

I grinned evilly. “Five minutes, then let’s do it again.” He looked at me, his eyes flaring, and dropped his head back to the rug with a light laugh.

“You’ll be the death of me,” he teased.

“But what a way to go.”

I stared at the ceiling of my little apartment. Sheldon was perched happily on my stomach as I lay across the couch. His warmth and purring acted like a hypnotic beam, convincing me to keep petting him.

“Sheldon, what do you think of Oliver?”

Sheldon opened his eyes ever so slightly to stare at me for a moment before closing them again. “That he is far too attached to you.”

“What do you mean?”

The cat sighed happily, kneading its paws on my shirt. “Just what I said. When I first found him he was devoted to me and my cause. Now I realize it was foolish of me, because he has fallen for you, and you now control the Vampire. He is useless to me while he is all love-struck.”

“Love struck?” I asked.

“Oh yes. He knows of my special friendship with the Fairy Queen and has decided to use it for his own selfish desires to help you.”

“Wait, how are his desires selfish if he is doing it for me?” I grinned at the cat.

He opened only one eye to look at me this time, his tail swishing back and forth with annoyance. “Fine, I withdraw the use of the word selfish. Knowing my fondness for you, he asked me for a favor. He had me take him to see Queen Mab on your behalf. A fool’s errand for him, since she controls sunlight.”

Concern ran through me for a moment. I hadn’t heard from Oliver in two days. “Did she hurt him?”

“Yes,” he said bluntly. “She gave him quite the sunburn. I’m sure he’s had to drink several bottles of blood to heal himself.” Sheldon chuckled. “He was so determined. Mab really doesn’t like Darklings. When I finally convinced her he was there for good reason he was looking rather charred. He pleaded with her to give you a hearing for consideration and training. He wants you to have the option to become a full Pixie if it’s what you want.”

My heart swelled at the knowledge. “What did she say?”

Sheldon smiled. “That, little Pixie, is not my part of the story to tell. You will have to wait for him to tell you.”

I sat up and gently pushed Sheldon off. I felt around frantically for my phone. When I found it I flipped through the contacts quickly locating Oliver. It clicked after the third ring.

“Dani? Is everything alright?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that? I haven’t heard from you in a few days.” I sat patiently listening to him breathe on the other end of the phone.

“I’ve felt a little under the weather.”

“Come over, have a warm meal. I can make pasta, cereal and milk. You can snack on me?” I offered.

His rich voice chuckled on the other end of the phone. “That sounds nice. Should I bring anything? Ice Cream? Real food?”

I shook my head knowing he couldn’t see it. “No, just you.”

“I’ll see you shortly.” The call ended and I glanced around the room. Pulling off my hearing aids I sat them on the table and grabbed a clean towel, ducking in the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I emerged from a sweet-smelling steam cloud Oliver was sitting quietly on the couch.

“Wow, that was fast.” I looked him over from head to toe. His skin was ghostly pale except for a few blisters that were still healing. His eyes were black and looked sickly. “Oh Olive, you look like death warmed over.”

He tried to laugh and all that came out was a cough. “I brought a few bottles of O neg with me. If I drink too quickly it makes me sick. Believe it or not, this is a vast improvement.”

I wanted to cringe. I walked over and sank carefully onto his lap, tugging my hair over my shoulder. “What’s better? Neck, wrist, thigh… You tell me what is easiest for you.”

He shook his head and leaned in, taking a deep breath, seeming to inhale part of me. “Neither. I want our times to be special. The gift you share with me means the world. You’re not some fast food burger.”

I laughed. “As much as I appreciate the sentiment,I can’t help but feel like an allowance can be made this once. I promise to let you make it up to me later.” I gave him an affectionate grin.

“Are you sure?” he asked eyeing the blue vein near the base of my neck. “I will be as gentle as possible but it may not be as comfortable as last time.”

I leaned into him, doing my best to make an obvious offer. He lowered his head, pressing icy kisses to the delicate skin there. His cold hands pulled me close and though I wanted to squirm away from the chill radiating off of him I held my ground. Running a hand under the edge of my towel he pressed me close, his lips hesitating for a moment. There was a sudden sharp pain and rather than cry out I squeezed my eyes shut tightly against it.

The pain slowly pulsed away and I felt myself floating in a euphoric state. I could feel Oliver’s gentle hands running over me and my body relaxed. When my eyes finally fluttered open I was laying curled up on top of him with his arms around me on the couch. He had pulled a heavy blanket over both of us. I shifted slightly to look at him.

The blistering was gone altogether and while he was still pale, his skin was no longer ashen. The darkness around his eyes had receded dramatically and even his temperature had increased. He was no longer icy to the touch.

He lifted his head to look at me. I started to say something but he shook his head. “Shhhh, rest. I took a bit more than I should have. Not a dangerous amount, but you may be a bit woozy for a few days. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

“Please forgive me for being a bit reckless. I’m normally in more control then that. Does anything hurt?”

“No, it’s ok. Really.” I rubbed my hand over his chest. “I’m just glad you’re looking better.”

“I promise to be more careful in the future.” He smiled weakly. “Are you OK, do you want me to take you into the bedroom?”

I pulled the blanket up around us more and snuggled down, closing my eyes and shaking my head. “I’m comfortable if you are.”

He let out a slow breath. “I could stay like this forever.” All I could do was grin.


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